Name Gait Sire Dam In Foal To
Bridgette Hanover P Western Ideal Bet Me Hanover Santanna Blue Chip
Bouncing Hanover P Cams Card Shark Bikini Hanover Santanna Blue Chip
Lucky Xample P Northern Luck By Desire Vertical Horizon
Chardonnay Snooze P Well Said Camiana Sunshine Beach
Final Say P Well Said Carta Final Vertical Horizon
Cool Grin P Grinfromeartoear Cool Pink Santanna Blue Chip
Diagram Hanover P Dragon Again Diehard Fan Vertical Horizon
Burstin Bubbles P Badlands Hanover Electric Smile Open Open
Shes Machs Delight P Mach Three Endless Delight Santanna Blue chip
Hare Canada P Sportswriter Hare Trigger Mystician
Dont Stare P Cheyenne Rei I C U Lookin Santanna Blue Chip
Heavenly Kouttar P Rock N Roll Heaven Koutzina Hes Watching
Southwind Luna P Sportswriter Lil Presto Hanover Mystician
Westart Love P Western Hanover Loving Art Santanna Blue Chip
Bashful Beauty P Rocknroll Hanover Mango Hanover Open Open
Jerrys Girl P Dragon Again Precious Ghost Vertical Horizon
Shark Gone Bad P Badlands Hanover Shark Fest Vertical Horizon
One Hot Majorette P Art Major Shes So Hot Mystician
Stelle Nel Cielo P Astreos Skyview Mystician
Just Sassy P Northern Luck Smoken Sassy Control The Moment
Rustys Puddin P Dragon Again So Easy Thinking Out Loud
Starring Role P Cams Card Shark Starpass Thinking Out Loud
Tapioca Hanover P Cams Card Shark Tarport Melody Mystician
Mrs Red Pop P The Panderosa Tigh Na Mara Vertical Horizon
Saucy B P No Pan Intended Twin B Saucy Sunshine Beach
Real Chop P Real Artist Veal Chop Mystician
Too Ideal P American Ideal Vee Too State Treasurer
Block Party P Western Terror Wipethatsmileoff Vertical Horizon

Prince Edward Island
Name Gait Sire Dam In Foal To
Two Nts With Her T Dream Vacation Bambino Lau Prestidigitator
Red Star Ashlee P The Panderosa BJs Squall State Treasurer
Tymal Maroma T Angus Hall Blossom Seelster Royalty For Life
Tavarua T Donato Hanover Brooke Blue Chip Tad The Stud
Allamerican Kelli P Artsplace Cams Sensation Cougar Hall
Lyrical Lindy T Credit Winner Clasicaly Designed Armbro Barrister
Cool One P Camystic Cool Grin Ameripan Gigolo
Here To Win T Mr Lavec Here To Impress Tad The Stud
Carol Alice P Brandons Cowboy Keltic Sarah Steelhead Hanover
Sunset City P Western Ideal Kentucky Sunshine Steelhead Hanover
Lyons Katrina P Major In Art Milliondollarsmile Steelhead Hanover
Sestina P Modern Art Minx Seelster Westwardho Hanover
Mad Over U Hanover T Andover Hall Mrs Ronerail Tad the Stud
Napanee Seelster T Angus Hall Northern Kiss Tad The Stud
Apeachtoremember T Angus Hall Peachpit Pearl Armbro Barrister
Buckling Banbury T Keystone Nordic Rompaway Ocala Armbro Barrister
Mall Shook Up P Rocknroll Hanover She Likes It All Cougar Hall
Sanna Hanover T Yankee Glide Sorbet Hanover Tad The Stud
Divine Justice P Pro Bono Best Village Green Sportswriter

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