Name Gait Sire Dam In Foal To
Admired Beauty P Apaches Fame Armbro Teacher Camystic May 17
Bette Blue Chip P Art Major Roses For Emma Wink N Atcha Foaled
Block Party P Western Terror Wipethatsmileoff Open Open
Bouncing Hanover P Cams Card Shark Bikini Hanover Mystery Chase April 19
Bridgette Hanover P Western Ideal Bet Me Hanover Wink N Atcha April 21
Bryn Again P Dragon Again Brinnie The Pooh Test Flight Foaled
Cai Hanover P Real Artist Camourous Test Flight April 29
Chemistry Major P Art Major Athena Blue Chip Test Flight Foaled
Cool Grin P Grinfromeartoear Cool Pink Wink N Atcha Foaled
Cottage Ave P Western Ideal Michelenes Lair Open Open
Diagram Hanover P Dragon Again Diehard Fan Open Open
Duplex P Jennas Beach Boy Duck Duck Goose Open Open
Evalina P Allamerican Native Evas Cam Open Open
Heathers Gambit P Jeremys Gambit Hurry Up Heather Mystery Chase April 26
Hot Little Number P Rocknroll Hanover Whig Party Camystic April 22
Hot Night P Northern Luck One Hot Lady Vertical Horizon April 14
Jerrys Girl P Dragon Again Precious Ghost Test Flight Foaled
Just Sassy P Northern Luck Smoken Sassy Open Open
Lucky Xample P Northern Luck By Desire Vertical Horizon Foaled
My Lady Bonnard P Real Artist Oh My Ican Fly Test Flight May 19
Notha Load P Shark Gesture Armbro Bahama Open Open
One Hot Majorette P Art Major Shes So Hot Open Open
Only The World P Cole Muffler Visa Bella Open Open
Real Chop P Real Artist Veal Chop Camystic Foaled
Red Star Ginny P Pacific Rocket A Lot Of Urge Vertical Horizon Foaled
Rustys Puddin P Dragon Again So Easy Mystery Chase April 1
Shes Machs Delight P Mach Three Endless Delight Open Open
Starring Role P Cams Card Shark Starpass Vertical Horizon May 8
Stelle Nel Cielo P Astreos Skyview Test Flight May 11
Tantas Grin P Grinfromeartoear Tanta Hanover Open Open
Tapioca Hanover P Cams Card Shark Tarport Melody Camystic May 28
The Three Of Us P Mach Three Smooth Crossing Vertical Horizon April 28
Tresselette P Dragon Again Holding Court Mystery Chase May 22
Weezy Hanover P Dragon Again Wet Paint Mystery Chase April 26
Westart Love P Western Hanover Loving Art Test Flight Foaled
Willyourememberme P Camluck Memories Any Size Wink N Atcha April 15

Prince Edward Island
Name Gait Sire Dam In Foal To
Allamerican Kelli P Artsplace Cams Sensation Westwardho Hanover May 9
Apeachtoremember T Angus Hall Peachpit Pearl Armbro Barrister Foaled
Artistic Gal P Artsplace Armbro Berlin Westwardho Hanover May 5
Buckling Banbury T Keystone Nordic Rompaway Ocala Tad The Stud May 3
Cant Beat Cash P Bettors Delight No Less Open Open
Chiavanasca P Cams Card Shark Princess Chablis Westwardho Hanover April 27
Darla Hanover P No Pan Intended Daisy Harbor Andreoli Hanover Foaled
Divine Justice P Pro Bono Best Village Green Ameripan Gigolo Foaled
First Dance P Rocknroll Hanover Niki Blue Chip Pang Shui Foaled
Here To Win T Mr Lavec Here To Impress Armbro Barrister June 12
Hypnotic Kris T Perfect Spiral Be My Banker Armbro Barrister Foaled
Im A Debutant P No Pan Intended Art Debut Westwardho Hanover May 3
Lyrical Lindy T Credit Winner Clasicaly Designed Open Open
Mall Shook Up P Rocknroll Hanover She Likes It All Ameripan Gigolo Foaled
Mrs Red Pop P The Panderosa Tigh Na Mara Ameripan Gigolo April 26
Napanee Seelster T Angus Hall Northern Kiss Neal May 14
Paging Willy T Pegasus Spur Striking Page Armbro Barrister April 28
Plumbing Princess P Astreos Alliwannabe Westwardho Hanover May 23
Promise Me Hanover P Western Ideal Panned Out Ameripan Gigolo May 14
Red Star Ashlee P The Panderosa BJs Squall Pang Shui April 20
Rocks R Us P Rocknroll Hanover Sharks R Us Open Open
Sanna Hanover T Yankee Glide Sorbet Hanover Armbro Barrister May 25
Someone Like You P I Am A Fool Take Flight Pang Shui April 22
Sunset City P Western Ideal Kentucky Sunshine Westwardho Hanover Foaled
Tich T Master Lavec Sissel Armbro Barrister Foaled
Toxic Terror P Western Terror Its All Chemistry Pang Shui May 9
Tymal Maroma T Angus Hall Blossom Seelster Armbro Barrister April 27
Warden Woodie P Allies Western Hi Lan Special Pang Shui May 1
Warrawee Jade T Angus Hall Independent Dame Neal June 3

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